Boyd Circle Founding Group pictured left to right

Matt Gibson (Matt Gibson Architecture & Design), Rachel Nolan (Kennedy Nolan), Rob McBride (McBride Charles Ryan), Astrid Jenkin (NH Architecture), Patrick Kennedy (Kennedy Nolan), John Wardle (John Wardle Architects), Debbie Ryan (McBride Charles Ryan), Mel Bright (MAKE Architecture), Not present Hamish Lyon (NH Architecture), Mauro Baracco & Louise Wright (Baracco + Wright Architects)

The Boyd Circle founding Group are pictured here and we look forward to welcoming additional practices to participate. The Boyd Circle is a group of AIA award-winning and shortlisted architecture practices who are leading voices in the industry.

The initiative brings together the best design minds to contribute to the core mission of the Foundation, to educate the public on why design matters. The group will curate a bold new program of talks, open days and interactive events that promote inclusive discussion and active public participation in design.

The group will engage closely with the Robin Boyd Foundation, and assist in raising awareness both in the architecture and wider community.

Participating practices will nominate two named representatives. The practice will be listed on the Robin Boyd Foundation Website.

Benefits of taking part in the Boyd Circle

  • Contribution to the care and protection of Australia’s most iconic building
  • The opportunity to promote current design discussions and ideas to the broader community
  • Acknowledgement on the Robin Boyd Foundation website
  • Accumulation of CPD points
  • Development of staff leadership and communication skills
  • Community service and volunteer experience
  • Staff team building
  • Advance notification of events.

Behind the doors of Walsh Street

The program offers a unique opportunity to learn more about The Robin Boyd Foundation while giving invaluable assistance to help us deliver our broad range of design education activities.

Boyd Circle Ambassadors contribute a tax-deductible donation of $1,000 or more per annum to be part of the program, with these generous contributions helping us to continue the work and ethos of Robin Boyd through our active, innovative and ongoing series of design focused public learning programs and events.

The Boyd Circle Program creates an annual calendar of special events
centred around our key programming activities. These will take place
at Walsh Street and other exclusive venues around Melbourne.

Boyd Circle donation

Minimum donation: $1,000.00

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Include your practice in The Boyd Circle.
Pledge a tax deductible $1000+ Donation

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Program is a dynamic new initiative that invites and engages with
the architectural community and welcomes them, into the active life of The Robin Boyd Foundation. The program offers a unique opportunity to enjoy and learn more about The Robin Boyd Foundation whilst giving invaluable assistance to help us deliver our broad range of activities across the country.


In order to join The Boyd Circle, you must be a past recipient of an AIA Award.

Boyd Circle Ambassadors contribute a tax deductible donation of $1,000 or more per annum to be part of the program with these generous contributions going towards The Robin Boyd Foundation’s programming activities.

The Program is a philanthropic program designed to engage the architectural community in the activities of The Robin Boyd Foundation. In recognition of this support, Boyd Circle donors are acknowledged in all Open Day programs, on our website and in our annual report.