17 Apr | Oscar Niemeyer: A vida è um sopro



17 April 2013

Guest Speaker: Dr. Norman Day architect, educator and writer

Oscar Niemeyer: A Vida E Um Sopro (Life is a Breath of Air)

2007, Dir. Fabiano Maciel, 90 minutes, Portuguese with English subtitles

Director’s Statement HERE.

Oscar Niemeyer was one of the most prolific 20th century modernist architects, who life spans over two World Wars and well into the 21st century. This documentary was made to coincide with his 100th birthday, celebrating his long life dedication to architecture both in Brazil and overseas. Enchanted by the use of modern building technique while attracted to the sensuous and seductive curved concrete that vividly shown in most of his landmark buildings, Niemeyer was being criticized by Bauhaus director Walter Gropius and Le Corbusier for building standardization. The film also showed his closed collaboration with Lucio Costa and the then president of Brazil, Juscelino Kubitschek. Being a communist, Niemeyer shared his ideals for a fairer society and metaphysical issues such as the insignificance of man compared to the Universe.

Dr. Norman Kingwell Day is an architect, educator, and writer working in Melbourne and the Asian region. He worked with the late Robin Boyd and Professor Frederick Romberg before starting his own practice in 1971. His architecture is contemporary and investigative; it is curious about the human condition and speculates using architecture as an expression for exploration. The buildings provide long life-term constructions rather than short-term solutions, and have won numerous national and international awards. He has worked as a commentator, writing extensively on architecture in the public and professional media, and is the author of twelve books on architecture.


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