Films and documentaries selected for Season 2017 are:

17 May | MODERNIST BIO: Eero Saarinen: The Architect Who Saw the Future

Guest Speaker: Alex Selenitsch


 14 June | CONTEMPORARY ARCHI: The Infinite Happiness

Guest Speaker: Qianyi Lim


 19 July | EASTERN BLOC: The Age of Kommunalki


 16 Aug | ARCHI x FASHION: Notebook on Cities and Clothes

Guest Speaker: Shelley Lasica


 13 Sept | BRIT BRUTE NIGHT: The Barbican: A Middle Class Council Estate | Streets in the Sky | Preston Bus Station | Futuro

Guest Speakers: Jeff Provan


 13 Sept | Local Legends: On the Rocks | National Mutual

Guest Speakers: Blue Lucine and Felicity Watson


Films and documentaries selected for Season 2016 are:

2o April | The “Concrete Love: The Böhm Family”

Guest Speaker: Hamish Lyon, Principal of NH Architecture


 18 May | Italiano Night: Amare Gio Ponti| Il Capo | Vivere alla Ponti

Guest Speaker: Donald Holt (HOLA Projects)


 15 Jun| Strange & Familiar: Architecture On Fogo Island | Petite Histoire des Plateaux Abandonnés

Guest Speaker: Professor Keir Reeves (Federation University, Ballarat)


 27 Jul |Brutalism Love Fest: Precise Poetry: The Architecture of Lina Bo Bardi | Barbican: Urban Poetry | Trellick Tower

Guest Speaker: Dr Flavia Marcello (Swinburne University)


 24 Aug | House Love Night

Guest Speaker: Tony Lee (Robin Boyd Foundation)


 22 Sept | Local Legends: Streets of Your Town | Train No 1

Guest Speakers: Dr. Norman Day


Films and documentaries selected for Season 2015 are:


22 April | The Venice Syndrome

Guest Speaker: Doug Hall (AM), Associate Professor and Honorary Principal Fellow at the Australian Institute of Art History at the University of Melbourne


20 May |The Grand Museum (Das Grosse Museum)

Guest Speaker: Dr Michael Brand, Director of the Art Gallery of NSW


17 Jun| Making Space: 5 Women Changing the Face of Architecture / Lina Bo Bardi: Together

Guest Speakers: 
Harriet Edquist (RMIT),Professor of Architectural History in the School of Architecture and Design, and Director of the RMIT Design Archives
Melissa Bright, owner and founding director of MAKE architecture


29 Jul |Manufactured Landscapes

Guest Speaker: Enzo Bruscella, a waste warrior and CEO of Southern Cross Recycling


26 Aug | DENCITY: Torre David / Unfinished Italy / Mumbai: Maximum City Under Pressure

Guest Speakers:
Dr Flavia Marcello, Senior Lecturer in the School of Design at Swinburne University
and Professor Kim Dovey, Professor of Architecture and Urban Design in the faculty of Architecture, Building and Planning at the University of Melbourne


23 Sept | Local Heroes III: New Directions: Robin Boyd, Kenzo Tange & the Metabolist Movement

Guest Speakers:  Professor Philip Goad (University fo Melbourne)
Jacques Sheard (filmmaker)



Films and documentaries selected for Season 2014 are:


16 Apr | Tugendhat House

Guest Speaker: Paul Walker, Professor of Architecture in the Faculty of Architecture Building & Planning, The University of Melbourne.


14 May | My Playground

Guest Speaker: Chris Sawyer, Landscape Architect


18 June | Oil Rocks: City Above the Sea

Guest Speaker: Peter Raisbeck


23 Jul | Unsung Heroes (short series)

Guest speaker: Justine Clark (editor, writer, researcher, advocate and critic)


20 Aug l Great Expectations: A Journey through the History of Visionary Architecture

Guest Speaker:  Andrew Maynard, architect


10 Sept | Local Heroes II (Short Series)

Guest speakers: Philip Watts (animator, film /TV editor), Kerry Gardner (writer, film director), with Assoc Prof Seamus O’Hanlon (Monash University) as moderator


Films and documentaries selected for Season 2013 are:


17 Apr | Oscar Niemeyer: A vida è um sopro

Guest Speaker: Dr. Norman Day, architect, educator and writer


15 May | Melbhattan / Hawkes House / Straight and True / Your House and Mine

Guest Speakers: Oslo DavisNaomi Bishops, Richard RaberPeter McIntyre, with moderator Dr. David Nichols, Senior Lecturer in Urban Planning at The University of Melbourne


12 Jun | Bauhaus: Model and Myth

Guest Speakers: Dr. Diego Ramirez-LoveringActing Head, Department of Architecture, MADA at Monash University


17 Jul | The Gruen Effect: Victor Gruen and the Shopping Mall

Guest Speaker: Prof. Kim DoveyFaculty of Architecture, Building and Planning at The University of Melbourne


14 Aug | UtopiaLondon

Guest Speaker: Assoc Prof Hannah Lewi, Faculty of Architecture, Building and Planning at The University of Melbourne


11 Sept | Visual Acoustics: The Modernism of Julius Shulman

Guest Speaker: John Gollings, Architectural Photographer


14 Oct | KoolhaasHouselife

Guest Speaker: Martin Stone


13 Nov | Mon Oncle

Guest Speaker: Prof. Philip Goad, Department of Architecture, Building and Planning, The University of Melbourne

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