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After 6 months of engaging film and speakers, DADo has now finished it’s 2019 season and looks forward to preparing for another 6 months of program for next year. From all of us at DADo and the Robin Boyd Foundation, we hope you enjoyed your time with us at Walsh Street and look forward to seeing you again next time.

Robin Hood

Tuesday, 16th April

The Disappearance of Robin Hood / Off Season

Join us for a night all about heritage with the Australian premier of two films that delve into the legacy and memory of two buildings in the wake of imminent destruction, one that encapsulates the London Brutalist movement, and one the Soviet Sanatorium typology.

The Disappearance of Robin Hood / UK / 2018
Dir: Klearjos Edwardo Papanicolaou
Run time: 25 min

Po Sezóne (Off Season) / Slovakia / 2018
Dir: Andrea Kalinová
Run Time: 35 min



Quino Holland

Chez Le Corbusier

Tuesday, 14th May

Chez Le Corbusier / The Flying Gardeners

Two short films show two very different perspectives on vertical living, one which explores the restoration of Le Corbusier’s studio-apartment in Paris, and one that takes a peek into the peculiar job of maintaining the Vertical Forest in Milan.

Chez Le Corbusier / FR / 2018
Dir: Olivier Lemaire
Run time: 33 min

The Flying Gardeners / IT / 2016
Dir: Giacomo Boeri and Matteo Grimaldi
Run Time: 9 min

Nic Dowse


Nic Dowse

Experimental City

Tuesday, 18th June

The Experimental City

A documentary about the Minnesota Experimental City project, a futuristic attempt to solve urban problems by creating a full-size city from scratch in the isolated woods of northern Minnesota.

The Experimental City / US / 2017
Dir: Chad Freidrichs
Run time: 1 h 36 min

Clare Easterbrook-Lamb


Clare Easterbrook-Lamb

The Human Shelter

Tuesday, 16th July

The Human Shelter

When does a refugee camp become a home? Is it possible to live in a tree? Documentary director Boris B. Bertram travelled four continents over two years in an anthropological expedition to find out how people live.

The Human Shelter / US / 2018
Dir: Boris B. Bertram
Run time: 55 min

Esther Charlesworth


Esther Charlesworth
RMIT / Architects without Frontiers


Tuesday, 13th August

The Pruitt-Igoe Myth

It began as a housing marvel. Two decades later, it ended in rubble. But what happened to those caught in between? The Pruitt-Igoe Myth tells the story of the transformation of the American city in the decades after World War II, through the lens of the infamous Pruitt-Igoe housing development and the St. Louis residents who called it home.

The Pruitt-Igoe Myth / US / 2011
Dir: Chad Freidrichs
Run time: 1 h 19 min

Robin Boyd

Tuesday, 17th September

Your House and Mine

For our final DADo session, join us for a special presentation of Your House and Mine, a film made in Melbourne in 1954 directed by Peter McIntyre and written by Robin Boyd himself. We are very excited to welcome Peter McIntyre to be our guest speaker for the night.

With a career stretching over more than seventy years, Peter McIntyre AO  is one of Australia’s most influential architects. Mentored and championed by Robin Boyd, whom he worked with to make Your House and Mine, McIntyre worked for Boyd as a draughtsman and designer for the Royal Victorian Institute of Architects Small Homes Service, before starting his own practice, McIntyre Partnership, at the age of 23.

Your House and Mine / AUD / 1954
Dir: Peter McIntyre
Run time: 23 min

RPM Portrait


Peter McIntyre
McIntyre Partnership Architects