Evenings with DADo offer an intimate commingling of film and conversation both large and small, centred around diverse historical and contemporary stories of architecture, design, landscape and urbanism. Feature-length films, documentaries, shorts and animations all find a home in Robin Boyd’s living room at ‘Walsh Street’, the social, energetic hub of the Robin Boyd Foundation. Guest speakers contribute unique perspectives on the various film subjects, kicking off the living room conversation in a home which decidedly sought to reject convention.

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2024 Season to date:
Thursday 8 February. Moriyama-San (2016) Bêka & Lemoine. In conversation with Dylan Martorell of Slow Art Collective. DADo: Moriyama-San was presented as part of the When Robin Boyd Went to Japan program.

DADo’s 2024 program is presented by Thandi Lane, Andrew MacKinnon and Sushma Prabhu. 

2023 Season to date:
Tuesday 16 March. Cumbernauld HIT (1977) Murray Grigor. In conversation with Murray Grigor, Associate Prof David Nichols, Urban Planning, University of Melbourne and Prof Philip Goad, Redmond Barry Distinguished Professor and Chair of Architecture, University of Melbourne.

Tuesday 6 June. City Dreamers (2018) Directed by Joseph Hillel. In conversation with Tania Davidge, Executive Director at Open House Melbourne and co-founder of the architectural research practice, OoPLA.

Tuesday 18 July. Koolhaas Houselife (2013) a Bêka & Lemoine Film. Panel discussion with Dr Karen Burns and RBF Foundation volunteer Corinna Orsteg convened by Yaseera Moosa.

Wednesday 4 October. Fell (2022) collaboratively made by Thandi Lane, Yaseera Moosa, Julia Quirk and Mitchell Pollard. Garden of the Legend of the Golden Snail (2019) Oliver Husain. How to Build a Forest (2022) Jen Trann. In conversation with Director and Animator Jenn Tran, Writer Kelly Bartholomeusz and Cinematographer Veronica Charmont. Garden of the Legend of the Golden Snail (2019) Oliver Husain.

Tuesday 31 October. The Black Tower (1985-87) and Blight (1994-96) directed by John Smith.

DADo’s 2023 program was presented by Thandi Lane, Rebecca Roke and Andrew MacKinnon

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