Design Matters: Iwan Iwanoff

Design Matters: Iwan Iwanoff, Modernist Architect

Iwan Iwanoff (1919 – 1986) was a Bulgarian architect based in Perth whose distinct voice embraced both brutalist and ornamental design. Recognition of his iconic oeuvre and significant contribution to Australian modernism has risen in recent years with deeper appreciation and understanding of this work.

Iwan Iwanoff’s modernist architecture has always captivated photographer Jack Lovel. Having spent his formative years in a family home designed by the Bulgarian-born, German-trained visionary, the architect’s aesthetic left a lasting impression. In 2016, determined to document Iwanoff’s stunning body of work, Jack set out to capture the remaining relics of the architect’s career. He recently published ‘Catching Light’ – with a foreword by architect/broadcaster Stuart Harrison and an introduction by son Nicolai Iwanoff – the book showcases the evolution and scale of Iwanoff’s work.

Jack Lovel and Stuart Harrison sit down to discuss Iwan Iwanoff’s revolutionary oeuvre and its documentation through a contemporary lens.

Jack Lovel
is an architectural photographer based in Melbourne, Australia. With ten years of experience, Jack works with many of the leading architecture and design practices in the field. His practice focuses primarily on residential and small to mid-scale commercial interiors.

Stuart Harrison is an architect and President of Open House Melbourne. He is a former host of Restoration Australia and advocate for good design and the re-use of buildings. He is director of Harrison and White, has worked extensively in public radio, TV, architectural history and authored three books on Housing.


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