The Manning Clark House is the former home of historian Professor Manning Clark and linguist and educator Dymphna Clark. Located at 11 Tasmania Circle, Canberra, the house was designed by Robin Boyd in 1952.

Manning and Robin were pre-eminent writers and thinkers in the fields of history and architecture, respectively, and shared similar perspectives. Both sought to explore a uniquely antipodean approach and narrative rather than imitate their international counterparts. Boyd’s design for the Clark home provided an ideal environment to support the principles Manning and Dymphna valued: hospitality, hard work, rigorous debate and a connection to nature.

This digital hybrid experience, part architectural tour, part oral history, shares over 30 reminiscences, commentaries and observations from Clark family members, academics, historians, biographers, architects, writers, broadcasters, curators, volunteers and visitors. A virtual house filled with stories from the Clarks’ extraordinary life.

The Manning Clark House 3D tour is a partnership between the Robin Boyd Foundation, Manning Clark House Inc and the Alastair Swayn Foundation and supported by Arup and Phoria. The Robin Boyd Foundation, Manning Clark House Inc and the Alastair Swayn Foundation would like to thank the volunteers whose contributions made the 3D tour possible; from the Robin Boyd Foundation, especially Tim Issacson, Jonathan Russell, and also the many supporters of Manning Clark House.

We acknowledge and are very grateful of the contributions of our project partners:


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