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Friend of the Robin Boyd Foundation and founder of the Merchant Building homes, Professor David Yencken AO passed away in September (3 June 1931 – 21 September 2019).

Remembered for his unique design work and urban planning innovations, particularly in Melbourne, his Merchant Building homes are considered a pivotal moment in rethinking Australian housing conventions of designing singular to cluster block housing, winning him the inaugural Robin Boyd Environmental Award (1972).

In 2017, the Foundation held a special Open Day to showcase Vermont Park, which was Merchant Builders’ largest scale development with 43 houses set on a 9.5 acre site.  See details here.

Read more about David’s life and his pioneering work via the links below:

(Top): Winter Park creator’s John Ridge (L), David Yencken (C), landscaper Ellis Stones (C-R) and architect Graeme Gunn (R). Courtesy Architectural Library, University of Melbourne.
(Middle): Housing plan for Vermont Park
(Bottom): David Yencken AO


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