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After the completion of her second PhD, Greer Honeywill briefly visited Palm Springs where, by chance, she discovered what would become her next long-term project. In the desert she found, inexplicably, that by focusing on the modernist architecture and the extraordinary landscape, the diverse subject matter of two doctorates and decades of art practice came together as a cohesive whole. As though she had planned this her entire life.



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Lost in Palm Springs focuses on the outsider’s experience. The outsider – ­wilfully lost within tracts of captivating mid-century modern architecture – lost to the beauty and awe of the unknowable desert landscape. Interviews, storytelling, research findings, chance discoveries and vernacular photographs are woven together to create a narrative of place and the unique story of an artist lost in Palm Springs. And in the telling of stories many connections emerge between Australia and the desert city.

During her residencies, and in the space in between, Dr Greer Honeywill gathered interviews from artists, architects and thinkers – thirteen in the US and twelve in Australia.

The theatre of the domestic, the poetry of the ordinary, human interconnectedness with architecture, notions of place, and the inescapable patterns of everyday existence have been prime concerns within Honeywill’s practice, research and writings. In her studio the work of architects such as Le Corbusier, Frank Lloyd Wright, Rudolph Schindler, Paul Rudolph and others, have influenced her thinking and practice outcomes. And in the retelling of her experiences in Palm Springs these architects once again come to life.

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