We are incredibly grateful for the generosity shown by our donors, Boyd Circle, partners, friends and volunteers, who supported us in 2022. You made it possible for us to care for Walsh Street, connect with the community, amplify voices and champion Boyd’s ethos that ‘design matters’.

As a valued Robin Boyd Foundation community member, we are asking for your help. 

However big or small, your donation will make a difference. 

With your support, we can continue to care for Walsh Street and activate the residence with dynamic public programs that, like Boyd, foster community awareness and provoke fearless dialogue on Australian architecture and design.

If you would like to make a donation over $1,000 or for an alternative amount, thank you! We can receive it by cheque or direct deposit using our donation form.

To make arrangements, or if you would like to discuss your gift, please email Josephine Briginshaw, Engagement Manager. Or simply, download, complete and return our donation form by post or email

Donations to the Robin Boyd Foundation of $2 and over are tax-deductible.
Your support will be acknowledged on our Supporters page.

How will your donation help? 

Donate to protect:

An enduring and unique example of Australian modernist architecture Walsh Street and its Archive is of outstanding cultural and heritage value.

Your donation will help us cover the cost of day-to-day maintenance, keep our garden green, conserve Boyd’s innovative tension roof, and plan vital repairs. Much-needed restoration work includes replacing cracked courtyard glazing and implementing a revegetation plan for our front yard. 

Please help us protect and care for Walsh Street. Your support will preserve this iconic residence for future generations to discover and enjoy.

Donate to amplify:

In the past year, our Design Matters talks, symposiums, exhibitions, competitions, 3D tours, open days, and DADo film screenings have amplified the voices and ideas of over 150 students, emerging professionals, historians, academics, cultural leaders and design icons. 

Our public and student tours of Walsh Street continue to raise awareness of Boyd’s work as an Australian modernist architect, author, critic, and public educator and provide an opportunity to explore the iconic Walsh Street house he designed, built and inhabited.

Your donation will activate Walsh Street with dynamic public programs (and our digital and offsite activities), which, like Boyd, foster community awareness and provoke fearless contemporary dialogue on Australian architecture, culture and design.

Walsh Street (1957) Robin Boyd. Photograph: Mainroad Property Marketing.
Smudges. vol. 3, no. 27 (July, 1941). University of Melbourne Collection.
Nightingale Village Open Day. Photograph: Kate Longely.
Walsh Street (1957) Robin Boyd. Photograph: Mike Lam.
Bill Lucas: Architect Utopian exhibition. Photograph: Marie-Luise Skibbe.
The Great Great Australian Dream Panel Discussion. Photograph: Mike Lam.
Walsh Street (1957) Robin Boyd. Photograph: Mainroad Property Marketing.