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Trevor Mein framed print

$180.00$900.00 (Incl. GST)

“The Walsh Street House is a surprising mix of nostalgia and modernism; innovation coupled with the smell of decay. Wood, glue, furniture and rugs silently decline, corralled and captured within this intriguing space. Rooms overloaded with history, witness to dreams, desire, expectation and stories lived.” – Trevor Mein on Fresh Eyes exhibition


This Trevor Mein photograph featured in Melbourne Design Week 2021 exhibition Fresh Eyes: Reimagining Robin Boyd’s Walsh Street.


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  • View enlarged image for framed example.
  • Image sizes: printed with white border as either medium 600mm or large 900mm long edge sizes.
  • All frames are shadowbox style, Victorian Ash timber, with museum grade UV Acrylic (Black, white or natural)
  • Printing, framing by Format Framing and delivery may take up to 30 days
  • Packaging and shipping within Australia included
  • Email us for custom printing requests


Trevor Mein left a rural property in central Victoria to study Architecture in Melbourne, but after a short-lived engagement with the
profession he committed himself solely to photography. A continuing interest in both design and architecture has driven his photographic
practice over several decades. The visual capture of space and atmosphere have become his trademark and coexist with a focus on form
and detail. These elements are also evident in Trevor Mein’s extensive and lyrical cloud archive.

Artist Links: instagram website


Parameter Value
Frame options

Black, White, Natural, Unframed

Image size (longest edge)

Medium 600mm, Large 900mm


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